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Using JBindery on Macintosh
Other mac fans out there?
I've been using Javac and JBindery on my mac and have been having a small problem with JBindery. When it's done running a java file, I close the java windowand then try to run another (drag and drop on the desktop icon) but it doesn't respond - each time I use it I have to quit and then start it up again (by dragging the file onto the desktop icon) in order for it to run.
It's not really critical just a bit inconvenient.
Anyone have similar experience and/or advice?
Not a clue, however for educational purposes, what is Jbindery???
Mac users compiles and run java applications completely differently to PC / Unix users because they have no command line.
They have Javac and JBindry which is the equivilent to the java command on other systems ... Mac users just drag a class file to JBindry and it runs it, or drags a source file to Javac and it compiles it... very cool to watch ... unfortunatly until MAC OS X comes out their development kit is only equivilent to JDK 1.1.8.
MAC OS X will come with an equivilent to Java 2 as part of the package! I've never really done any development on a MAC, I do have access and have played about a bit but only to show my flatmate (who own the Mac) what to do ... so nothing more than "hello World" applications.
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Hi there
Just to add a couple of details on what Javac and JBindery are...
They're part of the package that Apple provides to us macintosh challenged folks. The package is called MRJ SDK, Mac OS Runtime for Java, Software Development Kit and is available as a free download from apple's site. I downloaded version 2.2, which I think is the latest. Javac, the compiler, and JBindery, which runs java class files, are 2 of the various tools provided with the SDK. There's a bunch of other tools that I'm not familiar with, because up to now I've only used those two.

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