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Primitives class type
I have a function that expects two things:
f (Class type, Object o) { ... }
Now I can pass in a boolean wrapper class like this:

But I can't pass in a boolean primitive:

I understand that class Class is a subclass of Object right?
So I tried java.lang.Boolean.TYPE to represent the type like this:
f (java.lang.Boolean.TYPE, b); // doesn't work either
But this works:
f (java.lang.Boolean.TYPE, new Boolean(b));
why oh why ?
Is java.lang.Boolean.TYPE = boolean.class ?


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In java primative types boolean, int, long ,float etc. are not Objects and do not subclass object.
Thats why

compiles, you pass an Object Boolean

failes, boolean is a primative and NOT an Object
Hope This Helps
Carl Trusiak, SCJP2
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