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Clear Screen
Would any one mind helping me with one doubt.
How do you print something on to the Dosprompt and
then it should clear the screen and print something
I haven't tried this myself but this page may have the information you need. You need the ANSI.SYS device driver loaded then I suppose you could System.out.print <ESC>[2J

Junilu Lacar
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java� 2 Platform
Junilu Lacar
That was not very clear.
Let me explain a bit more what exactly i want.
if you need to write a program to print the time and it should change on the dosprompt as the time changes ie; i want to clear the screen and print the new time each sec . What is the code for that.
Thanks a lot for your help
Anju Aravind
Check out this thread
hi there,
i read your question,even though i do not have that much knowledge of java just a begginer but can give you a idea.try double dimenssional array & in that use the ASCII code for space n print it column n row wise & try to print space on DOS PROMPT as the printing of spaces column wise &row wise comes to end,the statement whatever you wish to print ,would be printed.
i hope this would solve your problem.
kumar abhay
Thank you very much guys. that was exactly what I was looking for

Anju Aravind
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