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Array vs Vector
Hi everyone,
What's the difference between array and vector?
What's the advantage and disadvantage of them?
look at the api's '
array cannot get larger vectors can
vector contains objects not primitives..
if you want to store primitives you should use a wrapper etc....
but then again look at the
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Vectors can only store objects so you always need to cast when you take the object out of the vector. Arrays can be created to hold a specific type of object (Button[] b = new Button[10] . Arrays are almost always faster than vectors. Vectors are synchronized.
"Behind every Vector is a good array"
In real life a Vector is a lot of bells and whistles and functionality around an array.
If you want the functionality provided for you - use Vector and accept the overhead.
If you uses are simple or you want to use primitives without putting them in wrappers - use arrays.
From the source code for Vector:

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