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What is hot code replacement?
I heard that JDK 1.4 supports hot code replacement feature. What is it? Can someone give a simple explanation/example?
I think its for debugging purposes.
If while you are debugging an application you want to change code in the current method the debugger is able to reexecute that method with out having to restart the application.
Thanks Steve.
This is interesting.
I use Eclipse IDE I will try this. You mean this is not an IDE feature but built in JDK?
Yeah its cool.
Eclipse is what I tried it with too.
For somereason you can't do it in the main method.
Im not sure if its because its static or not
Sun is calling it HotSwap. It allows a class to be updated while under the control of a debugger. More informaion on HowSwap can be found in The JPDA Enhancements Document.

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