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Java Reporting (Like Crystal Report)
any body who know about java reporting or default java reporting and how to use Reporting in java / swing
as soon as possible please send the tutorial etc at shoaibashrafi@yahoo.com
Wrong forum.....Muhammad!

Originally posted by Sam Pat:
Wrong forum.....Muhammad!

Moving to Java in General --> Beginner
For reporting and charting, you might want to take a look at JFreeReport and JFreeChart.
Now, after you've registered, I'd suggest moseying on over to The Swing / JFC / AWT Forum and askin' folks about that fancy GUI stuff.
I personally use JasperReports as my open source reporting tool. I forget why I didn't care for JFreeReport when I tried it out (it was a while ago), but I found that I liked Jasper better.
Of course, getting the iFreeReport GUI designer is quite valuable. Since report layout is a visual thing, it should be developed visually.
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