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search string from bigger string
I have a big string. For example:
bigString="This is big string. Big string is not small";
and i have small string:
and i have to find how many matches with small string i have in big one.
As a result there should be 2 matches. I have searched the whole string class doc and nothing simple has not come to my mind - it can't be hard.
So does anyone know any good methods to find a match of one string to another?
Is it your home work obviously ?
Something like this:

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Yes - it's my homework at school and i'm really out of time. I remember the teacher showd this in class and it was so obvious that i didn't write it down - now i'm in deep ...
I didn't understand the code quite clearly - so if u could add sine comments it would be nice.
Allso ... String.regionMatches() - i don't understand what are the parameters for this fx and can i use it?
ok thnx - need more help.
Take a look at these examples.

Output is 3. Matches all occurances of "is" even the one in "this"

Output is 2.
But if bigstring had contained something like "Do not end a sentence with the word is." it would have returned 0 because of the fullstop.
By using regular expressions we can get around that:

Returns 3. Similar to the first attempt - trying to match "is" also matches "this"

Returns 2
I'm a newbie, I have a question I'd like to ask,
Is empty for loop " for(; a good programming style?
I would not use an empty for loop. I use a for loop when i know (or can calculate) the number of iterations i need.
if i want an infinate loop, with a break condition, i'd use

Better/worse/proper is a debate that will go on forever...
Is there a way to count the number of times the smallString is found in reverse order as well? For example if the BigString = "Mississipi" and the SmallString = "is". The number of occurrences would be 4. Counting the occurrences of "si" as well.
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