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Beginning With Databases
I would like to write a simple program that stores information in a database. Most references on Java Databases refer to "connecting" to a database. I imagine this database already exists and was perhaps created by another program altogether. Where do I start if I want to use a database in my program? What's the simplest technique to store data for use by by program in a database?
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Look into the Sun JDBC Tutorial. This is the Java way to connect to databases. It's pretty sane, and ought to be good fun to pick up.
You can give JDBC a try using MS-Access as a database if you're on Windows (look for JDBC-ODBC) or any number of free databases or free-trial-version databases. Each database requires slightly different code to connect. Most will come with some Java samples that you can study and copy.
Ranch suggestions for an ---easy to set up--- starter database?
You also might want to take a look at the JDBC assignments of the JavaRanch Cattle Drive for an easy introduction to the subject.
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