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unclosed character literal
Hi ,

I have following char[] array (partially reproduced:

The problem is that my compiler (NetBeans) gives an ' unclosed character literal' error for the values 096 and 097, but not 100 and 101.

Any idea why ?


I don't see a comma after your 'A' in your array definition. I would check this first.

that was just a typo error when entering the message. It is correct is my Editor .

I have the impression that NetBeans is wrong here. Can someone else try this in another editor ?

I think that you cannot have the digits 8 or 9 as part of the char that you are defining.

For ex. '\107', '\777', 'A', 'E', 'Z' are valid values ... but '\108', '\901' are not.
I also don't see a closing semicolon to end the statement. Plus, the format for the characters should be Unicode:

To use Octal:

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Hi, thanks for the solution.

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