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Some clarification on the recent purgings...
I deleted that thread Jim ... I think there may have been a few more posts after you last read it and it was just ridiculous. Maybe on that particular case I was a litle over sensitive and should have sought the opinions of other mods but I'd had a bad day and didn't take too kindly to the abuse being hurled around.
As for my statement about power ... I wasn't trying to be scarey. I (Or Bartenders and Sheriffs in general) was accused of being power hungry. I was just stating that my power goes way beyond the ability to delete threads or block user accounts and if I really wanted to show off my full power (which power hungry people do!) I could do something much worse! It wasn't a threat, just an example of how I am NOT power crazy!
Angela, other sheriffs & bartenders,
I think you're all doing a great job. I love this site and I greatly appreciate the fact that you keep an eye out for any rudeness. We all know there's enough of that on the internet already.

Originally posted by Cindy Glass:
This is NOT a democracy. JavaRanch is wholy owned by ONE guy, and what he says goes. End of topic.

Amen to that!

I have seen a lot of Discussion Groups(Meaningless and OtherWise) and theres no Doubt that Moderated-Discussions are the BEST way to go. No doubts abt it. The moderators CAN and SHOULD Delete posts which they think are detrimental to the policies here. Period.
And Paul, we love u for the way u defend your team. Thats a Sign of a Good Leader.
Angela, dont feel guilty abt it. U made a decision that u thought wud be in the best interest of the group and thats it. Not everyone is perfect and we all have bad days. Specially and more so in this Lay-Off Era.
Andy, U need to understand that Moderators are people like u and me and sometimes they might have taken a decision they thought best in those circumstances. U dont need to create a scene if u dont agree. Do mention it to them that u dont agree but a bit more politeness shud help.
Rosie, U r too cool.
Hats off to the moderators and the owner and all the powers that be at javaranch. It's a great site.
There are certainly many forums on the internet where anything goes, and they are so full of sex, aggression and uninspired profanity that they are not worth my time. Javaranch has not only attracted thousands of intelligent people, but also allows relatively free discussion without it degenerating into the former. True, you are relying on personal judgements of posts, rather than some codified rules, but it works really well, so don't fix it!! The worst that might happen is that something interesting might get deleted, but in the grand scheme of things, the earth will keep spinning.
Ride on, cowboys and cowgirls, let the water flow under the bridge, and go on to the next topic!
I also prefer the sober environment of a moderated discussion. Deleting Conrad's thread was definitely a "justifiable" decision, maybe even a "wise" decision. Selective editing I thought would have been a "wiser" decision.
I found it quite nice to read that deleted F*** thread. As I recall Conrad's swearing was met with polite posts and even some sweet humour. In fact, I thought any kid reading that thread (after editing out swear words) would really learn how to handle most provocative situations with good humour and sobriety.
I fully concur that all objectionable posts/threads should be deleted or edited. However there will always be difference of opinion as to what is objectionable. There again, the view of those who manage this place must prevail. It is certainly impossible to lay down mathematically precise rules to control the exercise of the power to delete/edit. What is important and commendable is that they are not abusing this power.
> I deleted that thread Jim
Which thread?

Originally posted by Andy Ceponis:
Im sorry if i seemed a bit blunt. . . . . i know that this is still a semi-professional forum and should be treated as such. I guess i went about it in the wrong way.
I am very happy with the ranch. . . .
Sorry if i "whined" earlier. Ive had some drinks and calmed down now.

Thank you Andy. I knew that you were a nice guy, but I do feel better now.
About "power hungry" Angela... A while back somebody criticized Angela for NOT EDITING certain posts. So whether Angela censors posts or she doesn't, somebody will be unhappy This doesn't mean that we shouldn't express our opinions, the opposite. This only means that in spite of wide variety of opinions here, somebody has to make a final decision. And to be criticized for it then.
[This and subsequent posts refer to a couple posts which have been deleted, from "Mister F" (sorta) and "Concerned Rancher" - Jim]
Some guys can never grow up. I pity his Manager
[This message has been edited by Jim Yingst (edited June 29, 2001).]
At least he has a sense of humor.
Amazingly enough, Mr F and Concerned Rancher are the same GUY. Gee are you suprised?
Mr F's middle name is probably 'dumb'.
Concerning deleted threads, I am conducting an experiment. Join in, if you like.
Paul R
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Mr. F is the man!

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