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What is the plural of Algorithm ?

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Map: yeah, it was a risk. I was hoping that the comment would be confusing enough that you'd google he quoted phrase. I did check to see that the first couple hits had enough info to work out the intent from there. But yes, most of us don't google every random phrase they encounter, looking for hidden meanings. Maybe I should've made the phrase a link instead.
[ May 22, 2007: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]
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Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:

To reverse the situation, if it was me who wrote your post, I could use "What to do?" title, referring to the novel by XIX century Russian writer N. Chernyshevsky. Would you think about googling for this title? Well, perhaps you heard about Lenin's article with the same name so you would think about googling for it, dunno.

Well, that reference would have failed too, because it is generally rendered in English as What is to be done?.
[ May 22, 2007: Message edited by: Paul Clapham ]
Leverager of our synergies
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Frank: I think I see what you mean now. This is hard to argue with.

Jim: Maybe I should've made the phrase a link instead.

I also was thinking about making a link, but that would be too obvious. I have another idea. Like some people put (sp?) after a word they aren't sure they spelled correctly (at least this is what I think it means ), maybe we can put (g?) sign after a potential link. Then it still would be confusing enough which of google findings we have in mind.

Paul: Well, that reference would have failed too, because it is generally rendered in English as What is to be done?.

LOL. That's good, Jim should sufer too.
Jim Yingst
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[Map]: Like some people put (sp?) after a word they aren't sure they spelled correctly (at least this is what I think it means ), maybe we can put (g?) sign after a potential link. Then it still would be confusing enough which of google findings we have in mind.

Or perhaps (w!), which would indicate that the first wikipedia entry is the correct one. This follows the general trend over recent years, in which RTM was replaced by "have you tried Google?" and now "here's the Wikipedia link".

[Map]: Jim should sufer too.

I'm just glad to know you're thinking of me.
[ May 22, 2007: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]
Ranch Hand
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It is routine - I assume we have lost the beginners by now - for me to attain conciousness in the dream state. This presents unusual opportunities to do computer science. Last night, I was in a dream (nightmare by most people's standards) in which the problem of word definition cross-locked attempts to get a water supply at some shack-like place to sleep that I had attained by hard work and adroit resource allocation. An official, with authority to enforce the matter, demanded that I obtain license and hire an installer for a domestic effluent recovery system. I will spare us the details of the next few moments, which motivated me to inspect the system and assess the merits in an objective and unbiased manner. Discovering that the machine had a case and knobs of contemporary design suggesting a reliable and effectively designed machine, I was not able to generate any interest on superficial matters such as knobs of contemporary design.

I decided to have my cat Rat Trap assist me in getting the licensor out of my dream: I thought it would be really funny to report to saloon.javaranch.meaningless.drivel, and that it would be safe because no one would believe me anyway. I attempted to put the letters "thm" on the side of Rat Trap.

Rat Trap became undulating and snake-like .... thus, I was in the presence of True Evil, the kind of evil that can walk around in my dreams and is usually futile to thwart so I just wake up. As is normal while such is going on in the dream state, there are actualities in fact in the Real World that are occuring soon or at that moment, and that are usually newsworthy so I can just flip on the tube while I am waking up and see what is happening while I go about preparing for routine matters of the day.

Typical, there is massive flooding with several deaths.

I know my way around in corners of your soul you don't even know you have. My purpose in When Gillian came downstairs is to gel some ideas, but that post does not seem to be generating much interest. Thus, I will do exploratory work here on how to effectively filter problem emails out of data-streams on machines that are owned by a business. We assume that the owners of the machine have a reasonable basis for a process ( Algorithm ) by which classification of belief systems and how those belief systems tend to react to certain situations can be effectively utilized by owners of the machine to isolate their legitimate business efforts from difficulties I find prevalent in my duties .... This is tricky to understand, and patience will really pay off in the long run for us. When the subject is a P. humanus mind that can be captivated by an ad for constipation remedies, we have an area of investigation and arena of discussion that more resembles dis-cussin and dat-cussin than legitimate inquiry.

Like most things in computer science, this has probably been studied effectively.

For me, everyday is "FRY-DAY",... as in get your butt fried, usually for someone else's blunder. On a decent sized project in an industry where having flesh ripped from the bone is a subject for humor by the 50,000+ hour workers, this gets really, really old and I seek here, where world class masters do word play freely, to get some idea how to detect the use of words to mask or cover ulterior end games, such as: You're never further than 20ft away from a RAT to make markets by Fear, Uncertianty and Dread.

IOW - the title of the post could be: Common Misconceptions and How to Defeat Them such as people who wonder what it is like to fall off a tall building. They think it hurts. Well, look at it this way: You (meaning a person generally, not an animal) could go hire a parachute training service and during the free-fall, that would be what it would be like during the first, longest part of the fall. (except the ground is far away) The second part does not last long enough for the human street-level conciousness to sort and search all that is occuring .... you get a this pointer like most people cannot look at, let alone do anything useful with. Assuming the terminus is effective, there is suffering but for a short suffering, the discovery of exactly what it is like requires a tall building and is not likely to effective in our studies. A distorted Orbitofrontal cortex response by respondents to constipation remedy emails results in an Army Of The Marching Dead that presents barriers that should not be present as risks to the secure transmission of protected data.

It is well known that the greatest risk comes from within:

I have no problem staying up with Rat Trap's activities, but they are always physical energies and never approach human thought as we know it. For the purpose of those who want to discuss Common Misconceptions and How to Defeat Them, please make extra effort to consider the working definition of True Evil I will use here. Consider the popular legend of Santa Clause, the progenitor attorney: ".... he put his finger beside his nose, and up the chimney he rose ...." and we willfully and conciously distribute this legend across most Latin-1 thought domains as entertaining to the most protected of us. Just think about it, the beard is all resembling a crystalline substance that will put one either in the basement , or amidst the chimes of Tubular Bells .... and not by a method that would be approved by Sparky the Fire Dog, and which Zyra could help you discover if not immediately available to your inquiry.

Attribution at ZYRA's request:
Interesting eccentric site with thousands of pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects, oodles of fascinating and amusing items, and an encyclopaedic set of things connected together conceptually, plus a gateway to thousands of places around the world.

Beyond that, I wish to investigate how pictures influence human response beyond the ability of conventional techniques thus requiring ai to detect - and what if any coding practices may be effective at keeping Meaningless Drivel here where it belongs.

With that said, let us begin our investigation with

[FreeToe Bandito]:[...the word "sombrero" to refer to hats in general...]
I asked my wingman about the street-level employment of sombrero, who verified contemporary linquistic in East L.A. remains consistent with the Castilian word "sombrero" of Spanish (Mexican Spanish), though different nuances were discovered When Gillian went downstairs.

You will note that I did not provide an assignment string for Tonto, nor did I ask my street-wise wingmang what the definition of Tonto is. Here, even the Wicked Pedantics of Wikipedia fail. All but Dr. I Ben Stung, Professor of Psycho Linguistics are corralled by the normative ethics of those who have worked to destroy my effort giving the post meaning.<!-- just a little wombat, not to be taken literally -->

The fact of the matter is Al Gore, who obviously is amoung them, introduced the word Algorithm by inserting the dual of "I'll Gore Them" as instructed by the dreaded Al Bundy, noted wombat in the carpal-tunnel. That dual-edged, single-object,  "ri"  is capable of cutting on both the forward slash and the back slash . This is a remarkably effective tool for Mighty $oft to Prosyletize = "Word, the creator of all things good and perfect ! "

Orthorectification means, in Mighty $oft Arcane Tome the softening of minds or nullification of inquiry, except as approved by the Inquisitor General, to "Have your credit card ready." in service to poorly written code.

As we continue our episodic spoof (best I can do of a proof, meow) remember the only two advices that will do us any good:
  • [Dr. I Ben Stung]: The only true path is the Psycho Path.
  • [Minneapolis Musician]: If the thoughts are pure, then so too shall be the code.....

  • Those who fail to keep these advices close to the concious mind will become the first sound of the Wear Wolves of London closing in on Winchester Cathedral - it is the beep of a heart monitor beating rapidly and flatlining - and is much quieter than the voracious howl of a guilty dog on a moonless night that sends chill waters up the dry bed of still creek. As Hollywood and politics go together like clorophyl and green-- we mix scripting with computer science.

    Cut to public area of Cash Cow Enterprises, P.O.V. on FAJ - looking at the reactosensitive email reader he makes an observation of the the first-flash reaction: An instinctive and artistically-correct move, change of posture, perhaps a fluffing-up (in the case of it being a downloader, but we can't speak definitively for all reactosensitive subjects), and holds that posture for exactly the right amount of time before smiling and becoming effluent and effective

    In case ranchers are incredulous, see last line's inane absurdity at:


    This download revolution views poorly written code as far more helpful than harmful. Much as insulin or penicillin are viewed as accepted contemporary norms, such jitter-ware are frequently seen as specific responses for specific P. humanus infestations placed there intentionally by downloaded software, the solution to which is downloaded software.

    I really, really wonder what Bruce Scheiner would have to say about an https: telling our subject that username and password will be sent by port 25. "This is a joke, right ?" is what I think he would say, but for me it is no joke - not even remotely. Behavior detection that can focus on behavior and not characteristics of Nation, Gender, Biology and TV Watching patterns cannot be effectively distributed in an electronic network where FTC comes under the heavyweight burden of billions of dollars transacted routinely. To think otherwise would be the equivalent of www.supermodelsunlimited.com/ de-licing delicious delectables in detectable deletions for licensing by Lou Zer.

    The futility of fighting Secrets & Lies by downloaded software is a war zone can only be worked in an abstracted metaphor beyond fear. Otherwise, it is too depressing to work on. For example, I was just visiting counterpane, and took a link. The visited site had been infiltrated.

    Trapping the ignorant in mindgames is not a lot of fun when Miss Leading will only allow the fabric of culture to be Threaded with outright lies and instilled Whiskey. If borrowing languages ought to respect the Whiskey and Liquor of the source belief systems, we have a potential for Conflict of Laws and Substantive Rules conducting We Are Right! {W.A.R} in an elaborately fabricated belief system where separation Of Mice and Men is only done by outright lies. We should respect the Whiskey: Another Nation's linguistic carrying concepts that cannot be expressed in the borrowing language is distinguishable from Pimp our ads and win great prizes, and The Whiskey Rebellion, lesser known as the Whiskey Insurrection, was a popular uprising that had its beginnings in 1791 and culminated in an insurrection in 1794. This approach recently has been approved by BATF for use by Cedar Choppers in facilitation of understanding other belief systems that may not comprehend the Cedar Chopper's role in tradional ranching and farming.

    A team member of mine - who can keep up with my rarefied thoughts in the mental mesosphere - tells me that Java is grown worldwide. May I suggest that ranching is a word assimilated during The Whiskey Rebellion, and could provide basis for traditional ethics discussioin so as to minimize the amount of demand that everyone Pimp other belief system's ads ?

    [ June 03, 2007: Message edited by: Nicholas Jordan ]
    Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly first. Just look at this tiny ad:
    Building a Better World in your Backyard by Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop
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