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Unsatisfied Link error
i am running linux fedora core 1
i am using j2sdk1.4.1
i get a unsatisfied link error when i try to use a gui component
can someone help me out...
as long as i donot use awt components the application runs fine

Use swing. IMHO AWT is dated and sucks.
Note that Swing builds on AWT. No AWT, no Swing.

Sounds like your installation is a little broken. First, we need to figure out what Java you're running. Did you install a Sun JDK, or are you using the GCJ/Kaffe/whatever combination? Type

java -version

and let us know what you see. If it doesn't seem to be Sun's JVM, my recommendation is to simply delete the gcj/kaffe/whatever, and install Sun's JDK.
Also, it will help if you copy and paste the EXACT error message. By paraphrasing, you lose important information that we need in order to help you.


Note that Swing builds on AWT. No AWT, no Swing.

but is there a reason for him to to use straight AWT over Swing? If it just is building on it, does that mean Swing wont work for him either?
Yes. If AWT doesn't work, Swing won't work, either. javax.swing.JFrame, for example, is a subclass of java.awt.Frame. Can't make a Swing GUI without a JFrame!
Oh sorry... ... *hides head in shame*
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