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oop's concept
what is oop's concept in Java Language?Pls give answer clearly& briefly?
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I know somebody is going to point you to the FAQ regarding your name and your posting style, so it might as well be me

Regarding your question - it is so general that Google - or better yet, a good book - would be ideal for you. There is also the OOP forum here that might be a good place to look.

People here will be able to assist you better (and from my experience, they do want to) if you have do at least some basic research yourself and then ask more specific questions.
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
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Don't Fear the OOP
Object Oriented Design Principles

Naveen Vooka
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Robert Martin has hammered out a nice set of 11 or so design principles. THIS BLOG has links to nice introductions. The book referenced in there is highly recommended. Scroll on down to the OO, UML etc. forum for much more conversation about this kind of stuff.

My mindset at this moment is to view most of these as managing dependencies so that change in one part of a system doesn't have negative impact in other parts. There is a lot more to it, but that seems to be what's important to me right now.

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