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Package javax.servlet
I wrote a simple Java program to work with Tomcat to display a simple web page. I have included the following import statements:
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
import java.io.*;

The following entries are there in the Classpath variable:
c:\Sen\Java\JavaT\jdk1.5\bin; c:\Sen\Java\JavaT\jdk1.5\lib; c:\Sen\Java\JavaT\jdk1.5\; c:\Sen\Java\JavaT\jdk1.5\jre\bin\

On compiling, I get the following error:
Ch1Servlet.java:1: package javax.servlet does not exist
import javax.servlet.*;
Ch1Servlet.java:2: package javax.servlet.http does not exist
import javax.servlet.http.*;

Please advise what needs to be done to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.

The servlet stuff is not in the jdk. You need to download the j2ee.jar (j2eesdk
Alternative: As you are using Tomcat for deploying your servlet, hence to compile it you can include in your classpath: Your_TOMCAT_installation_directory\common\lib\servlet-api.jar
This should compile the servlet without any problem.
By adding the jar entry in the Classpath variable worked.

Thank you.

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