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Difference between Polymorphism and Dynamic Method lookup
Hi all,

Can somebody throw light as to whether polymorphism and dynamic method lookup are different or the same?

As polymorphism allows a reference to denote objects of different
types at different type during runtime.
How then is dynamic method lookup similar or different?

I am pretty confused on the terminologies used here.

Hi Chetan,

Welcome to JavaRanch!

To quote the polymorphism chapter of Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Java: "...polymorphism (also called dynamic binding or late binding or run-time binding)..."

(This question isn't really about threads and synchronization, so don't be surprised of one of the forum moderators moves this to a "Java in General" forum. )
Indeed. Let's move this to Java in General (Beginner).
Hi Marc,

Thank you for the input. It should definitely help.
And yes, i did realise that i had posted my query in the incorrect context
after i had posted my query.
Oversight on my part.

Thanks once again.
Note that some people use the term "polymorphism" for a much more general concept - sometimes method overloading is also called "compile time polymorphism", for example. In that sense, dynamic method lookup is a specific form of (runtime) polymorphism.

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