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Program Hanging
I am having problems with a program hanging on a class method and I am not sure if it is caused by an infinite loop or something else. Here is the method.

studAns[i][j] is a double matrix containing 8 students(i), each with 10 answers(j).
answerKey[j] is a single matrix containing 10 answers(j).

I have no problems compiling the code, and I get no errors when running the program, it just hangs. After looking at the method I could not discern any problems with it, and I have checked and double checked and I know that this is the method on which the program hangs.
Does anything in the body of this loop have any effect on the loop condition?

I believe you just want an "if" rather than a "while" -- you only need to increment the score once for any given combination of "i" and "j".
oh great, that worked, thanks a bunch.
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