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errors in java program

I am having a problem in a program that' s suppose to plot a graph of grades. This programs compiles ok, except for a generic error. I have had the program working before, but seem to have did something that I can' t seem to remember. I have been searching for a week, and have been working on this program for two weeks. Can you help?

Here is the code:

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what exactly is the error you're getting? that's usually a pretty big clue as to what the problem is.
The Error is;
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:main
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Do you see something wrong with your main(String[] args) method? look at how you have defined it, and then check one of your reference books on how to define a main method. You are missing a very important word in there.

And will that "throws IOException" cause trouble too? Not sure about that one off the top of my head.
Your mai method is missing the word "static"

Thanks everyone for your help. I had it working at one time, and screwed it up. I've been struggling with this thing for about a week, I guess I was thinking to hard.

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