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abstract class problem
I have a problem with the following;I request you to go through the code

abstarct class X
abstract void a1();
abstract void a2(some parameter);

abstract class Y extends X
abstract void a1()
{ //some code;

some code... for a2() etc
public static void main(String args[])
How can I access a1() here??

I cannot create an object of Y here;
How can I access a1() inside class Y
note: I am not using any other class (like class C extends Y etc...)

any one please help me to sort out the above problem.

If you've implemented a1 and a2 in Y, why are you declaring it abstract ?

If it is abstract because there are other abstract methods declared in it, then you need to declare another (non-abstract) class that extends Y and implements all the methods. You can then create an instance of this class and call the a1 method.

If there is no reason to make Y abstract, then remove the abstract keyword and you will be able to create an instance of it.
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