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some questions about: Web Development
hi all i am begginner deploying for the web i have some dudes:

1) Where start? any url?
2) Wich option is better? JSF or JFP whats the difference...
3) Wich editor is better? eclipse, IDEA, Jbuilder? some friends recommend me Jbuilder.
4) i want develop Java/Apache/Mysql is goo choice?
5) Urls for learn thanks..
much thanks friends...
Part one of the JEE tutorial is a good place to start.
Using Java to program web applications requires an understanding of a number of technologies. One good place to get a feel for the scope of J2EE is the J2EE Tutorial. You don't need to know all those topics to start, but you will use a fair share of them in any non-trivial project.
Any question that contains the text "which is better" can be answered with "it depends". Your program requirements and personal preference should drive your decision far more than what my experiences have been. For the record, I use JEdit for small projects. IDE's seem to get in my way when I just want to do something simple. When things get complex (say, 100+ files), I use Eclipse.
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