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Java EE 5 Installation

I am trying to install Java EE 5 on windows xp pro, whenever I start the installation process it hangs in the screen where it ask for the directory to install the software. Did I miss anything? I already installed java SE 5 and set the path and the classpath. I can compile and run a java program.

Thanks in advance,

I don't know exactly what your problem is, but normally a program asks for the location where the software needs to be installed. I always use for JAVA in Windows XP. C:/programfiles/java/ ... and then the java version...

Also you have to adjust your path and classpath to the new java installation if you want to use the new installation.
Thank you wilhelm for your reply, maybe I was not clear in my first post. My Installation "Freeze" when I press next in the window where it asks for the installation Directory.

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