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Best Laptop in the Market
What's currently the best laptop in the market?
It terms of size, weight, speed, cost ???
Apple is tops for bringing out your creative side at home, unless your work involves a lot of creativity.

For work you are more likely to be surrounded by Sonys and Dells. Depends on the environment, but Apples may be considered too flighty at work.

Top Brands of Lap Top Computers to Look For:
1) Sony
2) Dell
3) Apple
4) Compaq
5) Hewlett Packard

2c. YMMV. HTH.

In fact in Britain Dell would be the best all round choice. Sufficiently low-key and boring to blend in everywhere.

Muggability - Sony, Apple and Compaq are high on the list. Confirm this by trying to insure the laptop.
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what about IBM ?

Originally posted by Helen Thomas:
Top Brands of Lap Top Computers to Look For:
1) Sony
2) Dell
3) Apple
4) Compaq
5) Hewlett Packard
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Sony laptop sucks!.I have it.I think Dell and Compaq should be ok.
Sony TV is the best.
I find it interesting that Toshiba is missing from your list.
Search on ebay and there are 10+20 Apple+Mac laptops for sale

Dell 720+ laptops
Compaq , Toshiba and Sony around 300 laptops

Hewlett Packard about 19.

If you buy an Apple it's for life.
Best Looking/Coolest/Sexiest Notebooks Ever
  • Sony VAIO Notebooks
  • Jujitsu Siemens - AMILO

  • Ugliest Notebook Ever
    IBM Thinkpad (Amazing performance thought)

    My personal choice would be Sony or Fujitsu Siemens. If you want feel good, then you have to look good.
    Apple. I saw someone doing some DTP stuff with one of those iMac, god, that OS its miles ahead of Windows in usability!!
    I use a G3,800Mhz,640MB Ram ibook - for the past 2 years. 10.2 used to crash at times but panther- 10.3 has not crashed at all since I installed. I never switch off ibook and it is in sleep mode when I dont use. Only when an update comes I will restart.

    It weighs less than 5 pounds, battery life is some 4 hours - without any screen dims or processor dethrottling. you get a bunch of apps imovie,iphoto - things you can DO on a mac are endless.

    Eclipse, tomcat,jboss, apache,ant - I run all of them and they work as expected. Swing apps look best in this world.

    G4 ibook comes close to powerbook in terms of performance. but if you can afford that extra mile get a powerbook.

    There is nothing you will miss if you pick a mac.
    Even though I am running on a Dell and have had no problems with it, I really like Alienware laptops(look and power). For $13-1800 you can get a P4E(2MB cache) processor with 1-2 gb ram, 80 gig hd, and a dvdr to boot.
    I have one of these and I am happy with it.
    Helen Thomas:

    Search on ebay and there are 10+20 Apple+Mac laptops for sale....

    If you buy an Apple it's for life.

    Darn right. You'll never want to give it up. That's why there are so few for sale on eBay.

    Then again, I think of programming as creative work ... for which I agree Macs are superior.

    If I land this contract I've interviewed for, my only problem is going to be finding a briefcase I like that's big enough to hold that 17 inch PowerBook.
    My personal laptop is a HP zx5000 series (3.2gHz P4, 1g RAM, Radeon 9600 , 80g HD, DVD Burner, widescreen) ALL 10 pounds of it... It is on the expensive side...

    I am happy with it except for the exhaust fan blows over my external mouse making my hand melt....

    I have differenct versions of Dell laptops at work and they tend to overheat especially when they are docked.

    The two Dells I own exhaust out the bottom. A poor design. That is likely why they overheat when docked.

    I have had a fair experience with the Dell laptops. I am seriously considering looking at other brands for my next one.

    I use an IBM Thinkpad at work. It has been very reliable. Whatever I get it will have to have a local service center. The issues I have had with the Dells all require phone calls, emails and shipping. Yuck! That's the biggest reason I am likely to switch brands.

    I would suggest paying the subscription fee for Consumer Reports and researching laptops online. They usually do a good job. I used them for researching my last car.
    1. Toshiba
    2. Sony Vaio
    3. Dell
    I mean the best laptop where you can get the best out of both worlds (in terms, of gaming & software development)....

    I want a PowerBook but want to wait for the G5 to come out....

    So, in terms of WinXP, which one is the better?

    -Sony Vaio A190
    -IBM ThinkPad

    I used to own a Compaq Prosignia (4 years ago) and that thing rocked! Anyone ever heard of one?

    Any suggestions will be very helpful...
    nothing less than a combo drive (CD-RW/DVD-RW)
    networking and net connectivity
    factor in removable media for reading floppy disks (you might want/need to)
    Go for assembled laptop. Don't run after branded stuff.
    If you want to play games on a laptop then you are looking at a 10+lb $2000+ laptop since the others do not have the video card to handle it.
    Yup, if mobility is not your concern and gaming and entertainment is, may be a huge Dell is what you need, excellent value for money, if you are looking for a desktop replacement that is!
    Warren Dew:

    If I land this contract I've interviewed for, my only problem is going to be finding a briefcase I like that's big enough to hold that 17 inch PowerBook.

    Got the contract, got the laptop, and best of all it fits in my existing briefcase (barely).

    Beautiful, beautiful machine. The screen may only be 17 inches diagonal, but it is so sharp and clear that I can easily fit twice as much on it as on my 17" desktop screen.
    in terms of performance, toshiba is the best so far. it provides more options and it never hangs. unlike HP and some other brands out there. Alienware is one of the most powerful but it is over priced. you can costum make your own computer with the same components without having to spend the same amount
    I have just ordered a Dell Inspiron 6400 and eagerly awaiting for the shipment. Plan to use it primarily for photo/video editing, internet and of course java development.

    Originally posted by stara szkapa:

    do u mean Lenovo??
    good luck in searching. consider as much as possible, upgradeability. it is very quick for electronics items to become obsolete.

    Gateway, HP and Dell Laptops are the exact same laptops. The only difference is the companies name on the top. The exact same manufacturer puts together these companies laptops. The company is called Quanta.

    I like the Sony's the best.
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