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permutation program
can anybody guide me how to write a permutation program in java.

i have to display "DELL DESKTOP COMPUTERS" as in the format of below,

�Dell Desktop�
�Dell Computers�
�Desktop Dell�
�Desktop Computers�
�Computers Dell�
�Computers Desktop�
�Dell Desktop Computers�
�Dell Computers Desktop�
�Desktop Dell Computers�
�Desktop Computers Dell�
�Computers Dell Desktop�
�Computers Desktop Dell�

thanks in advance
i am not sure with it since i have never tried such,but
What i can say is,you try using for loops and since these are Strings,so take an array of string,in which you store your values,at 0,1,2 index positions,later in your for loop you can use,string class concat method with a space in it........and try to display it....

i dont know if this helps you to atleast some extent......
thanks for your information. but i had tried it using that but i can not achieve the result

i need a whole program for this problem.

thanks in advance.
Well, what have you tried? Show us your effort so far, and we'll try to help you get going.

Posting complete code that solves the problem will not help you learn, so that's being frowned upon here.
This is a homework question that has been posted before in this thread.

Like in that thread, I say DoYourOwnHomework. If you give it a go, and have some specific problems, please post the code you have so far. Then someone will help, I'm sure.

Also, this is a Beginner question, not Advanced.
Recursion was one of the hints in the other thread. Are you comfortable with recursion at all? Maybe we can provide some examples that solve other problems and see if you can apply it to your problem.

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