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what is my beans in java..what is the different type of beas in java
Esaki, welcome to JavaRanch!

Have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaBeans

Originally, Java Beans were meant to be a kind of software components, optionally with a GUI, that were programmed to certain conventions so that tools could easily use them for example in a graphical GUI editor.

A Java Bean is really just a Java class that conforms to the Java Bean conventions:
  • It must have a public no-args constructor.
  • It has getter and setter methods to set its properties.
  • It should be Serializable.

  • The standard Java API contains a package, java.beans, that has classes and interfaces that you can use to dynamically inspect beans (find out which properties a bean has, get and set them, etc.).

    There are also Enterprise Java Beans (EJB's), but that is something entirely different than "normal" Java Beans.

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