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where do static variable live?
The copy of instance variable live within each instance of a class.
But where do static variable live?.since there is only one copy of the class.
within which object the static variable lives.
Static variables do exist within the class memory, it has nothing to d with the instance memory.
every variable either instance or static will live within the object.each instance variable will have a seperate copy within each object.
Then an static variable should also be within the Class Object of the class. i think so.
I may be wrong also.
Static variable are accessible to all instances no doubt. They are stored in Data Segment(book says so!). Wel it does not make sence to giv a copy of static variable to each instance after all we need only one variable then why to duplicate the code?
I could also be off the mark here, but I thought that static variables were accessible without ever instantiating an object. If you never instantiate one then there wouldn't be any "instance" for it to be a part of. I think it is in some other sort of memory pool where classes are loaded but I have no idea where that might be.
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