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split the data
hi guys

i have a test file like raju.txt

naga raju rama raju

using java.util.Scanner we can split like


the code is

public class FileRead1 {

public static void main(String arg[])
File f=new File("test.txt");
Scanner ss=new Scanner(f);

String hh=ss.next();


}catch(Exception e){}

what my idea is how to split the file like 5,8,10 charatcers like and store it in array .

give the idea.

Plese use code tags round quoted code; it makes it easier to read.

You would have to
  • Read the file line by line; each line is returned as a String.
  • (Optional): Append the line to a StringBuilder object, if you wish to split the whole file rather than splitting each line
  • Get the length of the String you wish to split
  • Divide the length by the number of letters you want in each piece
  • Set up an array of appropriate length
  • Use a for loop to go along the String and get substrings.
  • I think that would work for what you are suggesting.
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