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.jar file association stolen
Hey guys, I am new to Java after having spent about 5 years in web development. I seem to have accidentally told windows to associate .jar files with something other than java, and now I can't get it back. If I run a .jar from the command line using java -jar it works just fine. I tried reinstalling the JRE and it didn't help, and jarfix said it couldnt find a runtime environment, even though when i run java programs from the command line they work just fine. My system is a vista 64 bit system (which im guessing is playing some role in the problem) Thanks for the help
There is nothing in the control panel that manages the way certain files are handled?
Hi Avtar Khalsa welcome to Javaranch,
there is nothing wrong with your system just change the file association for .jar extension. You can do this by right clicking the jar file and clicking the open with button.
And yes just take a glance of the Ask Good Questions link below.

Hope this helps .
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