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Hello everyone, im new here and im also new intoo the magic world of java.
I just started my java class in school and i got the assignment to make a pokergame in Java and to put it on a website. I figured that i should make a 'simple' 5 card "casino" poker client since it probobly would be the easyest thing to make.

But now i realized that it isint as easy as i thought. Could anyone help me get my head straight in what way i should build it, if anyone knows any good tutorlials or wants to talk java over msn or so. Give me a pm if you can!

When you say "put it on a website" do you mean you are supposed to make an applet using the Swing API or a web application using JSP/Servlet (JEE spec)?
Are you having trouble with the basic how to design the poker architecture/logic or trouble with understanding how to get your finished product "out there?"
Right now i havint started programming at all. I dont know if i should use the Swing API or JEE, i bought a book thats called "Java with Swing". Right now i dont know how to do anything, just programmed some basic field things. I just know that i got the mission to make a poker client, register a domain, and put the pokerclient on the domain so everyone could play it.

Right now this seems cind of impossible.
This seams like a good forum, 2 responces in a day aint too bad

Kind Regards, Johannes

I'd be surprised if an instructor is really that vague about requirements for a project. There is a monumental difference in creating a Swing application and a web application. To go through the trouble for one, be successful, but be wrong because your instructor meant something else would be horrible.

I also find it odd that an assignment like this is your first one. Is this maybe your final project assignment and the instructor has given it to you early to work on for the duration of the class? If that is the case, you'll need to approach it differently because you will learn things in class as you go along that will help with this project.

I'd suggest finding out which direction you are supposed to go and then let us know.
Its a course we have here in Sweden called Projectwork, and i decided to have programming as my major. I programmed Actionscript 2.0 for 3 months untill last week when i started with Java, were going to work with java untill june. My poker game needs to be done in mars. I could do a game in Actionscript since then i can just insert photos of cards and name them. I dont know how to do that in Java. In Java i also need to make the graphics.

Does anyone know some good site where there is some poker tutorials? Or graph making toturials. How to attatch photos to the program and such.

I guess i need to make an array for card colour 0-3, and one for value 0-13, and then make it random one colour and one value. and then if its like 0, 0 it should load the picture Ace of hearts.
Hi ,

Are all the players going to be AI .. or they are all human players ..
I think more important than the graphics right now is the logic ...
Finalise what variation of poker you want.

Saw this site
poker in applets
Graphics are nice .. i think they use this in facebook ...

Casual googling lead me to
web based poker game

Really interesting project .. i love the game of poker ..
Needs lots of thinking
I wouldnt use an array for the cards.
I would (and did until i got bored) used a couple of enums, with an ArrayList rather then an array.

It strikes me as a rather large projet for a 3 month course, and that registering a domian is a little starnge and adds extra cost, whats wrong with the insitutes servers?
When we did web-projects we hosted on our account on the uni serves.

The thing i founded hardest was the logic of poker, (in hold'em) how from 7 cards to decide which were the best 5 cards in a hand.
So i would advise understanding the basic rules of the type of poker you decide to implement.

I think i got the logics, but im not going to do hold'em, just a 5 card poker casino game. something like this one, exept that i dont want the cards to disapear i want every hand to be with a full deck of cards:


(made in actionscript 2.0)

What is an enums? And whats the difference from arrays? (int test[] = new int[x])

I didint need to get an own domain, i just felt like it would look more professional.
Basicly, and this is not the best description ever, but an enum is a class that allows you to enumerate constants.

So if you had the days of the week: Monday Tuesday etc, you might chose to hold them in an array as Strings, or as int constants nameed Monday etc:

This has several disadvantages, such as there is no type checking, as its the day of week is an int, so you could call a method that is expecting a day of teh week with an any old int.

An Enum is a special type of class that does pretty much the same thing, but is type safe, in that any method that expects day of teh week, can only accept one of the enumerated days of teh week:

Now any methods that requires a DayOfTheWeek can only accept a day of the week.

Enums can be used in switch statements etc.

Check out the Sun documentation on Enums, you might find it interesting.
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