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Java EE doesnot support Encoded binding

I tried making wsdl using wsgen tool. The SEI was annotated using the SOAPBinding annotation :

wsgen threw error saying "The fromjava.server.AddNumbersImpl class has invalid SOAPBinding annotation. rpc/encoded SOAPBinding is not supported"

J2EE 1.4 supported ENCODED binding . Does it mean that ENCODED binding cannot be used with Java EE.

Originally posted by Sim Kim:
Does it mean that ENCODED binding cannot be used with Java EE.

Correct - RPC/encoded is not supported (which I did mention to you here) as a messaging mode and the "encoded" encoding style isn't supported at all, only the "literal" encoding style is supported under JAX-WS.

Basically SOAP 1.1 section 5 encoding was too ambiguous to be implemented consistently and some platforms couldn't even support it. RPC/encoded was a the root of many "interoperation nightmares".
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