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Ant-junit batch test

When i do a batch test using ant junit task, why do i have to include .java files in my fileset?
You don't. The JUnit batch task uses compiled code (.class or .jar files.)
Hi Jeanne,

I found this in 'JUnit in action' book and also in junit-ant task document. The build code goes like this
Kindly explain.
This example uses .class. I also have a couple working examples with .class. I tried changing one of them to .java and it couldn't find the test. I'm inclined to think the manual has a typo.
Just noticed this is more likely to get a response in the Build forum rather than the Testing one. Moving now.

Thanks for the link. But my code worked perfectly when i used .java files in my fileset.
I'm only going of the Javadoc for the latest version of ANT here and it reads:

"Define a number of tests based on pattern matching.

batchtest collects the included resources from any number of nested Resource Collections. It then generates a test class name for each resource that ends in .java or .class."

see here for details.

Looks like it works for both (using the latest version of ANT)?
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