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Html inside f:verbatim not getting rendered the first time

I have a JSP within which I include another JSP and within that I have yet another one. These included JSPs are within subView tags. What I'm seeing is that within the innermost JSP, if I have any verbatim tags, then the html inside those tags is NOT rendered the first time the page is loaded. However, when I perform any action which refreshes the page, the html appears. And from that point onwards things are fine .

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I'm using the Apache MyFaces JSF components.

First this: is there room to upgrade to at least a JSF 1.2 implementation? Since the change of the view handler in JSF 1.2, you can just write plain vanilla HTML inline without the need for those nasty f:verbatim tags.

If there isn't any room, then check if there is a newer version of MyFaces 1.1 implementation available and upgrade to it. If that doesn't work, then I would file a bug report at their issuetracker.
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