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How come so difficult finding examples/info on Tomcat and JMX?
Is it not common to use JMX and MBean to help manage aspects of a war(s) deployed to Tomcat? I have a case where I want to be able to change the logging level of a webapp and clear a cache at runtime. I figured JMX/MBeans would be perfect for this - yet finding information how to set this all up on Tomcat leaves a LOT to be desired.

The only link that is somewhat helpful is this one http://oss.wxnet.org/mbeans.html. I'd like to find a little more information and some other sites with some examples but there is seriously nothing out there.

The lack of info out there makes me wonder if I'm even taking the correct approach trying to use JMX to manage parts of my app at runtime? What do others do? Is it maybe better to just build some sort of admin tool within the application to help manage its internals?

Thanks for any advice.
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Why should you try IntelliJ IDEA ?

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