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FCKeditor in java desktop application
Hi all!

I was wondering if it's possible to use FCKeditor in java desktop application? I basically just want to add to my jpanel some HTML WYSIWYG editor. Is there a way to do that with FCKeditor or is there another component that does that?

I have never used the FCKEditor so am not really aware about it.

As a rule, you can add to a container any child which is of the java.awt.Component type. So if your CFKEditor component subclasses the Component, you can do it.

Swing provides HTML support (to some extent) via the JEditorPane. There might be something in there, but I am afraid, you will end up replicating the whole CFKEditor functionality. If you want a preview kind of functionality (and not the full blown IDE style editor), you can make use of the JEditorPane.

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