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sending Mime response using HttpServletResponse stream
I am having an application where a user viewing a page , clicks on a link and gets the mht of that html page ,

so when clicked the html of page is send to server , and in server side we do some processing and create a MultiPart Mime message and send it to client through HttpServlet Response.
and on client side page opens in a seperate webpage in IE.

so user clicks ones , he is getting the response but second time he clicks page gets closed , it is happening alternatively.

when user clicks he gets a dialog-box saying "save" or "open" , when click save ,everything works fine , but when click on open it is not working alternatively.
and address of IE gets changed to mhtml:http://<hostname>/reportserver/default.mht
part of code is as follows:

indresh mishra wrote:part of code is as follows:

Hi, i know its been a long time but i'm very interested in this approach of yours..

Did you have success with the generated mhtml file?
In my case the page in the mthml format goes "wild". Css is not well read and images are not being displayed. The encoding is the to UTF-8 just like yours.
Any clue? Thanks!
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