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Difference between Java 1.1 and Java 1.6
I've learned java 1.1 using a relatively old video tutorial and
realized it only later.

Is java 1.1 similar to java 1.6 or is it radically different ?

And if its similar, what additional features do I need to learn ?
The basics are pretty similar although there were some new syntax changes introduced over time. Java 6 is a lot more powerful (more libraries, more features) though so I recommend a good recent book to pick up on the new stuff.
I agree with what Jeanne said, but as far as additional learning areas... the big ones I would focus on or at least familiarize yourself with are the XML apis, the collections apis, and Swing.
I would also highly recommend browsing through the JavaDocs in detail... it may sound like reading a dictionary, but you can often find things you never knew existed... and also you will have a better understanding of what the Java library provides by default.

Hope this helps.
I've a JDK 1.6 book : "Introduction to Java Programming" by Y.Daniel Liang.

IS it good enough ? I didn't find any reviews of this book on this website.
There are some on Amazon.
For Video tutorials on Java - click here
For book reviews, see the JavaRanch Bunkhouse.

Sun has a very good set of Java tutorials.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... https://richsoil.com/cards

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