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Hi Ranchers,
I have a few clarifications on EJB2.1.
Please Note: the Below set of Queries are from Brain Bench Free Mock Exams.

Please correct the below answers IF im wrong.???

#1> Which one of the following is not a Session bean?
a>Stateful Session bean
b>Stateless Session bean
c>CMP Entity bean
d>BMP Entity bean
e>Message Driven bean
Answer:Message Driven bean,Message Driven Bean is not a session bean,Is this true.

#2> An Application has 3000 tickers and each ticker has 20 ratios(double values),How would you optimize the performance of this application. ???-----> what is the answer for this.I have no idea about performance.

#3> what is an Webservice Endpoint Interface ? -- >Could you please explain me what is this?

#4> During an RMI call,which Tier/Layer is Bypassed?
a> Web Tier
b> Enterprise Tier
c> Business Tier
d> Client Tier
Answer:Enterprise Tier is Bypassed during a RMI call.

#5> Can a Point to Point Messaging Model have multiple recievers ,where each reciever consumes a single message. --->
Yes This statement is true.Please correct me if im wrong

#4> what is a Home,Remote,Local interface in EJB2.1 ?
Answer: Could you explain me what each of this is with respect to EJB2.1

#5> J2EE 1.4 supports Webservices-->is this statement true or false ?
Answer: False. Webservices is not a part of J2EE1.4,Please correct me if im wrong.

#6> Home Interface supports which design pattern ? ----> Please help me on this.

#7> What is an alternative way to avoid complex coding of XSLT transformations.?i.e instead of writing the xsl file,can it be done in other way to transform an XML document to XHTML document.? ---> No idea on this.Please need your help

#8> whats the difference between IMAP and POP mail protocols? -
IMAP supports multiple folders on servers where each folder is dedicated for each user.

#9> Which of the following is possible to be a part of a Session bean
a>Transient instance variables
b> Presence of Constructor.
Answer: Im confused with what to answer.Please help me with this.

#10> which Interface does a SAX Parser Implement.?
DocumentHandler,Please correct me if im wrong.

#11> How is the session stored in a Session Bean different from the session stored in HttpSession? which one is better to use ? Please advice.??--->NO idea on this.Please need your help.

Help provided will be highly appreciated.

Deepak Lal
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Please use one forum. Since you already have all but one of these questions in this topic, and Jeanne is trying to help you there, I am closing this topic. You might want to look at the entire set of FAQs in How To Ask Questions On JavaRanch.

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