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problem with hibernate dao method
I am having This error when I press submit button on login page.

Please help me.
thank you very much.
I don't see an error in there. Can you explain a bit more about what is happening and what you expect to happen? And perhaps post some code?
Hello Paul Sturrock.
thank you for your responce.
I have a login page with username,password,and userType(Admin,hod,student).
when i write username,password and choose admin and press submit,the variable results return null and that report generate.

I am not able to see your log.debug for .. in the log that you have posted.

Thus I am not even sure whether the log posted is corresponding to the query getting executed for

Can you provide the appropriate log?
How can I provide the appropriate log?


First of all.. you should ensure that your logging statements are getting logged into the log by checking your log4j configuration.

Secondly.. search for "finding EmployeesDTO instance by example" in your log and then you can paste lines appearing in the log from that line onwards..
how can i replace findbyExample method by another.
please help.

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