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50% in Devakas Final Exam !!! dispointing score.........
Hi all,
any suggestion how to handle the Exam Q.
I have scheduled my exam on 27 jan.................
please reply back...................
I got 37% in the Practice Exam. Cheer up mate. You are better off. Sure you'll get through with flying colors in the certification.
I suggest you to postpone your sit for the exam. If you are not ready (as result suggest) better take some more time to learn.
Kind regards,
I personally think you'll be OK in the real SCJP exam with that score on Devaka's test, but obviously it's your call my friend!

You may want to take Sun's free proficiency assessment for you suitability to take the exam. It's only available for SCJP 5, but that should be good enough. The questions are to the level of the exam.

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