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Asus Motherboard
Has anyone had much luck dealing with Asus? I have a motherboard that is giving me constant and multiple errors while booting. I have swapped out every part I can physically pry out of the system, but get the same errors. I have made numerous calls to Asus and get no where. They take my name and number, but never call back. Have sent emails, and get no response.... Has anyone else had a similar experience with the company?
I think i have an Asus. Anyway i am sure i had an Asus and it didnt give me too many problems. Too many errors ? Surely you are using Windows Try booting a Mandrake Linux on it... may be its a virus
Two of my friends have Asus motherboard in their PC's. They constantly have problems every now and then..
Very slow....weak performence..
The errors are in the power on self test... before the operating system even loads. This is my second Asus board. The first one worked perfect, so I never had to deal with their tech support. Live and learn I guess.
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