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Adding data from a word document to a web page
I was hoping to get some discussion going on how to take a word document, add to a database and then display the document on a web page with the formatting intact. I was thinking of creating a table with an image column and then display the image in a web page, but I'm not sure how to convert the word document into an image. The word document itself may include an image.

Any thoughts?

You could use a library like Apache POI to read the doc file and its layout, and then create a web page that reflects that.

Or use OpenOffice in server mode to convert the DOC file into an HTML file. A library like JODConverter makes that a bit easier then it would otherwise be.
Would you then take the converted doc and write to the database as a text data type?

Thanks for the help!

If I intended to use it as a file in its own right, I'd probably use the file system to store it. If it's just a piece of content that could be presented in different ways, I'd probably go for DB storage.
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