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dwonloading issue
I have a problem during downloading a file from database.
I first upload file under file name and using uploadinterceptor.
Now when I downloading, I create a .jsp page which list files in database, providing link to each of them to download.
When user choose file, request goes to action (let say action with name -Download)
that action further process to servlet, which read from database file and output it:

The problem is that, file offered to download has name - Download.action - ! Not the real name what it was uploaded under , just name of action followed .action suffix.
What goes wrong, and how can I improve this code?!
Thanks in advance
This isn't really Struts-related and might be better-asked on a servlet-oriented forum.

You have to set the content disposition/etc. to get a different filename; searching the web for file download will find many examples.
But how can I avoid that in my address bar to stay action name with suffix, like Download.action, and not a page which that action return as a result like - download_form.jsp-
just as it name of page supplied as a result page?
found solution. thanks anyway...
When solutions are found it's nice to include them in the thread so that in the future people asking the same question might also find the answer.

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