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Dropdown populated from database
Hi there!

I have been working on Servlets/JSP for 7-8 months & recently I was asked to do a app for HP iPAQ RX5935

The app requires me to create 2 dropdowns populated from a database residing on the PDA itself, containing atleast 300 rows. Based on selection of 1 drop down, the contents of other drop down should be populated.

I am just out of shell in this J2ME world & dont have any slightest idea about how to do it.

Starting with, I have downloaded Netbeans 6.5, Wireless Toolkit, CDC Toolkit, SDK 3.0

Until now I have just managed to get the 2 dropdowns in there (using CDC configuration) but I dont know how & which database to use behind it

Please help for choosing a database and please correct me if I am getting it wrong considering my requirements.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards
Sameer Deshmukh
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