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how to pass the value from the servlet to the google maps webservices

I am trying to do Zip code locator which will do the following.
Once the user/customer puts his zipcode in the search textbox and clicks search.
The application has to return the essential utilities like hospitals, banks, atms, post office etc near the place of the customer within 2miles as radius.
So I thought of using the Google maps or yahoo maps web service.
Can you just tel me how to approach this problem to get the search and response servlet where the user clicks search and the values are sent to google and the answer is returned back in xml form.

Hello Preeti

Please send me the URL for the Webservice and some documentation ... i will send you the client ...

Thank you for your reply.Please see the following project description


Project Description:

The central theme of this project is to provide the customers with an option of discovering
all the services when they provide with their zipcode. We are trying to provide a central platform
for people to locate essential services like hospitals, banks/atms and convenience stores like
supermarkets within certain radius of their zip code in United States. The project uses Google
webservice to locate the place and return the values corresponding to the zipcode typed in by the user.

We would like to establish a record containing all the users which serves as a repository.
Basically the user has to register his name and establish an account in order to kick start the process.
Once the user establishes the account he has the option of choosing the commodity or service he wants to
look up near his zipcode. It would provide capabilities like searching, retrieving detailed information
about the location and also providing direction to reach the particular destination. Once the customer
searches using the zipcode and clicks the submit button, the list of services gets displayed and the customer
can choose the service he wants to locate.
Database would be regularly updated to keep track of all the information and present it to the user
as and when the user requests from the web service client.
This web service is extremely user friendly and provides the best possible assistance to the customer
thereby saves money and time.

Start by familiarizing yourself with Google Maps. There's a nice introduction available for $8 from Pragmatic Programmers that has plenty of code examples. Once you know how to create a map and put POI markers on top of it, then you can start thinking about how to get the data from the server. I've had good success using an AJAX call that retrieves the data in JSON format.

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