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Port numbers
In computers generally It has Mouse port ,Keyboard port ,etc.Also Computer has Port number 8080,80,etc……….What are the difference between them. I read article says that port number ranging from 0 to 65535.It means computers should have 65535 ports(like mouse port ,keyboard port)

Is there any restrictions to create a new port EX:45652652..
There are hardware ports and virtual ports. The virtual ports are 0 - ~65000. They are just special blocks of memory that the application an uses for networked communication. Hardware ports are the electrical components that are responsible for I/O. You cannot specify a port number that great.
Since I do not have any physical connection,how connection made to this port.

Could you clear my doubt???
Using Java, a port is opened with the ServerSocket class, and accessed with the Socket class.
Thank for your reply.

I explain my scenario.please suggest how to accomplish ?

I have 700 electronic counter device ,want to connect to a computer.Each device send a counter value asynchronously.Computer should receive all counters' input and update corresponding value in it.

1)How I connect all device to computer?
2)How to receive each counters' value and update its corresponding value (in computer) ?

What is this "electronic counter device". What connectivity options does this device provide (ethernet, USB, wireless, tin can and string)? Does the vendor have any guidance on the use of their product?
I think it is ethernet

Joe Ess wrote:What is this "electronic counter device". Does the vendor have any guidance on the use of their product?

You really aren't giving us much in the way of useful information here.

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