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Jboss 5.0 not able to connect to databse

error message

And I am using:
classes12.jar file as oracle driver(placed in jboss-5.0.0\server\default\lib folder)
Jboss 5.0 AS
oracle8i as Database (soon will be changing to 10g)
JDK 1.6

Could any one tell me why am I getting this error, when the same code works fine in jboss 4 AS.

thanks and regards

the problem is resolved after checking


and now it is displaying the user ID, but still I am not able to login to my application.

When i gave the correct login id and password (which is working in jboss 4.0), I am getting the following error

Looks like there is no request attribute named "Error". Fix your code to either supply such an attribute, or fix the JSP code to handle the possibility of no "Error" attribute. (Or better yet, get rid of the server-side script in your JSP and make use of tag libraries and the expression language instead.)
Ouch, I sure hope you don't normally put Java code into your .jsp files, and that this is only a test. But even with a test, I would never ever put Java code into a jsp page.

hey guys thanks for your help....

My friend has found out the solution for this problem, there was a jar file placed in multiple places.
So that guy was creating all the trouble to my application from running.

Jboss 5 is very strict with duplicate jar files and also the parsing.....

Currently all the features of my application are running ......

but i have some other doubts i ll come up with them in my next post.......
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