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Busy page while data loading

I have made a small application based on struts framework. There is button name 'Search'. When the user click on this button all the information is fetch from database and shown in jsp page.

What i want is after clicking Search button, there must be some temporary page which show "Please wait while data is fetched. Donot refresh or click back button." for a specified amount of time. After the time elapsed the result page must be shown.

Thanks in advance.
One solution will be:
1. When you click 'Search', forward request to, say 'loading.jsp' page.
2. In loading.jsp page, show whatever information you want to display to the user, like "Please wait...."
3. In 'Loading.jsp''s head tag, put this lines

4. This META tag, call the Search Action, and while searching is going on, user will see 'Please wait' page and once the response is committed the user immediately see results.

Good solution.

But I have some questions:

How to does NOT lose the content of submitted form? So you need to receive it in your loading.jsp ?

I don't really know how it works.

Btw, it will be helpfull. Thank you and Sorry for my English
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