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MIDI - creatng a player piano type app
My apologies if this is a repeat post - I think I timed out the first time.

The simplest example of what I want to do would be a 'player piano' that would show graphically what notes are being played in a midi sequence. 'They' tell me that I can't have a listener for note events but I can have one for controller events. So, I am looking a doing something similar to that done in "minimusicplayer3" from the Head Fisrt book, where controller events are inserted into the file to trigger the event listener.

My plan is to go through the sequence inserting a controller event along with each note event. While doing that I would create my own parallel psuedo sequence with the information I needed to control my graphics. I would use the event listener to synchonize my progress thru the psuedo sequence.

Is there a better way? Does my plan make any sense? Do you see any pitfalls to dodge? Would creating my psuedo sequence use too much storage?

All comments and ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.


PS - the actual app will be a virtual 'poly-chromatic' harmonica to put on my website at polyharp.com.
Hi Doug,

Sounds reasonable to me, you'll also want to search this forum for Music/Midi threads, there were a couple of people working on similar things 3-4 months back if I remember correctly.
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