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Jboss Clustering over TCP

I am trying to create a jboss cluster of 2 nodes. Here is the setup required.

1. NodeA is on server1 on VLAN1
2. NodeB is on server2 on VLAN2.
3. No UDP Multicast traffic allowed.

What I have tried so far is ... in cluster-service.xml on both the servers

in server1

and in server2, the bind_addr="server2" and TCPPING initial_hosts="server1[7800]" port_range="3"

This didnt work...
More info on the servers.... I can ping server1 from server2 and vice versa
I am connecting to server2 from server1 via ssh and vice versa is also possible.

I tied the following config as well...instead of using the multicast over UDP, I tried multicast over TCP

The same config on both the servers. But this config gives me errors while starting. I have attached the error file for that.(Hmm ... I am not able to attach files to the post!!! Getting the following err message...."Files with the extension .txt are not allowed as attachment in the message")

More info is the only multicast IP working in our environment. i can ping this IP from both server1 & server2. I dont know if I am missing something or doing something wrong.
Are there any other files which needs to be changed? is it possible to cluster 2 nodes across different VLAN's??

I would greatly appreciate any help.


Antonio, welcome to Java Ranch!

Regarding "Files with the extension .txt are not allowed as attachment in the message", try placing the txt file in a zip file and attaching the zip.
Thank you...

Nope sorry....the .zip extension wasnt accepted either!!!


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