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Haw to make a simple compilator for same comand
The idea is to creat a simple compilator witch compil adn set my oun comand like

CALC and set two numbers for adding

or if i write MOVE to same image this image to move LEFT / RIGHT

the compilator will have only one JTextarea and one square for image i wish to set him a comand

help haw to do this
Does Nobody can't undarstand my question

mixo TODOR wrote:Does Nobody can't undarstand my question

Not really... Can you elaborate on the question?

OK i will

i have one JFRAME one JTextArea for CONSOL and one OBGECT for example one SQUARE

and i want this program to RUN comand

i have 4 comand LEFT RIGHT FRONT BACK and if i set them in consol to RUN them

if no body understand i will post a picture
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