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Is their any free web hosting site where I can upload my web project on apche web server or some application server ?
have a look at this previous topic
The topic pointed by Joe refers to myjavaserver.com which is no longer giving that service.
The only free Java hosting providers I know are, eatj.com and gratisjsp.org
With the free plan, Eatj servers are usually going down for every six hours, and hence you need to restart it manually at every six hours
hi i hosted my site here tucktail they provide free hosting service for each domain that we buy from them they also provide other services such as domain registration ,domain transfer,private registration etc.. at reasonable cost.
For how long you need the webhosting?In 1 cent you can get from hostgator a reliable one for 1 month or there is a scheme fro hostable that in 1 cent you can get for 3 years however I have taken that but dont trust their servers.I guess linux hosting will do the job for java too as its neutral but heard that we need to enable either java or php in that dont know whats new,am new to programming hosted sites with cms only till now

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