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quick question on excluding certain files from javac...

I hoped to avoid a potentially lengthy and frustrating detour into regex syntax land and ask the following (I hope) simple question here...

How do I exclude compilation of java files with a certain string in their file names? In my case, I want to javac all files in a package except those containing the string "Test", e.g., RmiImplTest.java.

I hoped the experienced hands on the Ranch would know this cold!



I am assuming you are looking into writing a batch file or shellscript? if so, you need to give more details, such as OS, etc.

Peculiar. Most people have the opposite problem, namely how to ensure that a certain file is compiled at all. If I remember correctly, the javac tool assumes that .java files imported from packages have already been compiled. It doesn't seem to compile them unless you instruct it to compile them.

How about

javac mypackage/*Test.java


And this is too difficult for beginners. Moving.
Thanks for your replies.

No, I'm not writing a script. In development, I had wanted to test certain package-access class behaviors, so I included test files inside some packages. I do not want those test classes included in the final jar. So, I just want to exclude from my compilation via javac any .java files with the segment "Test" in their filename. So, I'm looking for some regex that does that.

Thanks for any further comment.

Thanks again,


No, I'm not writing a script.

Then you need to elaborate. Just exactly what are you using to build the jar files?

Exclude them without Test. Oh sorry, I misread the original post.

How about what follows?

. . .

Find the classic Daconta paper about Runtime.exec(). Go through your package folder with the methods of the File class. Find all the file names. You can probably scan them with the indexOf method of String.
Then compile those which pass the test, using Runtime.exec().
If you're using Ant this is trivial. Or Unix-like shell.

I'm more used to seeing test code in a completely separate directory, which is the easiest solution of all.
Thanks all for your comments. It seems that I should start using Ant.

You're welcome
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